8 ways to Amp up your sex life

Sex is a very important factor in a relationship and when you’ve been with someone for a long time you can lose the “spark” in your relationship. These 8 exotic tools will help you and your significant other amp up your sex life.
The first step you can do to improve your sex life is to just have fun with sex. When you start seeing sex as something you have to so instead of something you want to do, thats when intimacy leave. A playful sex life is a healthy sex life.
The second thing you can do to enhance your sex life is to talk about sex. The more comfortable you are talking about sex, the more comfortable you will be with partner. Send flirty text messages throughout the day can help both of you get in the mood for intense vibrant sex. You can also blossom your sex life by talking while you are having sex, let your partner know the things that excite you so that sex can be pleasing to the both of you. Talking about how much you love each other can also boost your willingness to have sex. Letting your significant other know that you are still madly in love with them can make them want you more, which will in turn make for some wild sex, or more intimate sex. Communication is key to a relationship and also key to an exciting sex life.
The third step to arouse your sex life is to make time for sex and making an effort.Sometimes we let our work life and stress of the world keep us from having a healthy sex life. A good way to keep your sex life going strong would be to schedule alone time for you and your partner. Plan a time for you two to take a vacation or if you have children plan for your children to have a babysitter. Give yourself more time to have sex so that you can really enjoy the sex. Dressing sexy and teasing your significant other with new lingerie or costumes can help enhance the visual part of your sex life.
The fourth thing you can try to enhance your sex life is to get out of your comfort zone. Try having sex in other places, not just your bedroom. Try having sex in the kitchen,the car, or the shower to spice up your sex life. You can your parter can make a list of all the places that you fantasize about and cross them off, this will give you both something to look forward to. You can also try new positions, there are tons of books and websites that offer you hundreds of new positions to try.
The fifth thing to spice up your sex life is by using edibles. Foods like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and caramel can add an extra kick to your sex game. Sex is not only about visual and physical, but its also about taste. Knowing what your partners taste like and then enhancing that taste by using different types of food can make sex a little more interesting for the both of you. Another thing you can try to turn on your partner is edible panties. Your partner will become an animal eating you and your panties.
The sixth thing would be to use sex toys and props. Sex toys are not only for individual pleasure, but can also be used for couples pleasure. Sex toys are a great way to make sure both parties have an orgasm of a lifetime. Sex toys will bring a new kind of adventure to your sex life. Props such as hand cuffs can also take your sex life to another level, by giving one partner complete control over your body, gives your body a new vulnerability that will make sex more exciting.
The seventh thing to make your sex life more vibrant is to make a sex tape. This maybe very out of the box for some couples, but it is a very good way to turn your partner on. You don’t actually have to watch the tape, but just knowing that you’re being recorded can bring out a side of you that you probably didn’t know you had.
The eighth and final thing that will elevate your love life would be to focus on your sex life. Don’t get distracted comparing other people’s sex life to yours. Making your sex life exciting and erotic for your and your partner should be your ultimate goal.