7 Etiquette Rules Every Couple Need to Know

Be Yourself!
That’s what your mom says when you go out on your first date. And that is Okay, just don’t take the advice too seriously. Unfortunately, some of us tend to take this phrase just too literally.
Face it! You can’t let yourself “Hang All Out,” not if you want to keep that relationship going.
You gotta listen to the song, Respect by Aretha Franklin? I think the lyrics say it all. Listen to the phrase that says something like, “ All I’m asking for is a little respect when you come home.”
it’s sad that we have to even mention it, but respect and etiquette are essential in every relationship, and often they get lost along the way. These are the two key factors that keep every relationship strong, so whether you are just starting to date, you’ve been together for a number of years or are an old married couple, you just have to keep respecting the person you love.
Take Note!
Couples who remain loving for 10, 20 and even 50 years always say that the one thing that has kept their relationship strong is respect for one another. It starts in the beginning and continues throughout the relationship
In the beginning, it is important to be honest and sincere, to let your personality shine through. However, you do need to identify that fine line between sincerity and disrespect. Just as you wouldn’t sit in front of your boss and snort, spit or become aggressive, so you should never do these things to the person whom you love. You need to be respectful of your partner. Mutual respect is the cornerstone of a good relationship, and the loss of it can destroy the LOVE more quickly than anything else.
Okay, so right now you are thinking, “this writer is FULL OF IT,” right? It’s just mumbo jumbo, psychology stuff that comes from some wierdo doctor’s opinion.
It’s actually common sense. But there is also a significant body of research that supports this idea. Respect is necessary for a relationship to thrive and without it couples are not likely to be able to solve any other issue.

What Does Mutual Respect Mean?
It’s a simple concept. It means that you treat your partner with courtesy and in a thoughtful way, just as you would a friend or any other person in your life. You do not treat them in a rude or disrespectful way. You do not call them names, or insult and demean them in any way.
How Do You Establish Respect?
It starts right from the beginning. You need to consider and value the feelings and the opinion of your partner. You need to talk and treat your partner the way you would want to be treated. It is about negotiation and compromise.
Don’t worry, it’s easy to learn to respect your partner. Respect like everything else is based on a few rules of etiquette. And when you follow these 7 rules of etiquette, I can assure you that your love will grow and you will feel it gaining more power every day.
These 7 relationship rules are simple to follow and at times, they may even seem trivial, but sticking to them does take a lot of dedication and effort to follow.
Try Your Best
Even when you’re not perfect, your partner will love you unconditionally when he or she realizes that you are always trying your best to help, to love and to support him/her. How do you do this? You put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Think of the issue from their perspective and see what they feel.
2.Communication Is Vital
Talk to each other and grow together in love. Set aside a certain part of each day just to sit and talk. What may seem trivial to you maybe a very important part of your partner’s day.
3. Learn to Give Space.
Learn to give each other space so that you can become better individuals, so that you enjoy each other’s company all the more when you are together. Even the closest relationships need time apart now and then.
4.Don’t take your partner for granted. You fell in love for a reason. Always remember what that was. Understand that life is ever-changing and one day you may not have it any longer.
5.Give Your Partner Positive Advise.
He or she wants you to tell them when something is off, but you need to say it in a constructive manner, just as someone who loves you would do for you.
6. Be Supportive
You need to be the shoulder to cry on for your partner no matter what the situation. tough times test a relationship, but Partners who stand by their loved one will have a stronger relationship for it.
7 Never Argue in Public
Wait till you get home to discuss an issue. Never discuss negative aspects of your relationship in public. But do make displays of affection public. Look sexy for each other. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you should let yourself go.

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